Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Pretty Amelie

            I had watched the movie for twice as I can’t really catch its meaning at first because the format of this film is very different from the usual format of movies which I commonly watched. After I watched it for the second time, I began to understand what this film really talking about and I love the way they present the film.

           There is always a kid lying in our heart and soul. However, not much people in Amelie’s age realise this. Only a few people like Amelie, maintain the feeling like a kid and being naïve enough to bring joy to people through helping them with her heart. She helped a lonely old man found back his childhood memory, she sent Santa Claus to all over the world, she described the world vividly to a blind man, and she sent the missing love letter to the lonely landlady. She is playful as a kid. She drew arrows in the park and play hide and seek with her lover. She likes to put her hand in the seeds bag and enjoy the feeling, which I used to do so when I was still a kid.

            Inside every one of us there is a hidden child, a child who used to dream big, a child who used to be brave, a child who used to be stubborn and refuse to grow up, a child who are naïve but smart, a child who are cute and naughty and a child who used to help whoever happily without thinking. But when we grow older, we have exposed to the outside world, we lost the child. And we can only find back this child who lies within us with the help of others.

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