Monday, 15 April 2013

Amelie Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

This is very different from Malaysia films and their philosophy because while in the Malaysia it is seen that we have to win the other person instead of our self.  Amelie Poulain perform actions that make her happy with who she is and by doing things for others, not egocentric she became a stronger character in the plot. There are self-acceptance message instead expect others to accept ourself.  If I take the character of other character from other film with Amelie Poulain most people would like Amelie because of her good heart. Through her I learn about the importance of our own place in society before the single life of others.

  The affects of the whole film is at the time, as the top of the bottle fell to the ground and rolls towards separating tiles and reveal the secret box. In this film, it helps to show how personal happiness is achieved through forgetting things that make us happy. Good action she is a bit shy at the beginning and through time they became more important. Through the generosity of her actions she stole their confidence and started to think more about her. This move away from what I see in Malaysia movies where the characters are just thinking about themselves. Amelie character is much more complex because of the way she grew throughout the film. It is through her actions to bring pleasure to others that she is thinking more about herself to conclude the film.

 Amelie behavior can be taken to be an act of generosity and charity through her run. When she found the box and return it to its owner charitable acts she moved him into wishing to do more charity actions.  At other moments in the street when she helps the blind to accompany him along and tell what's around the welfare act may be seized as an act of kindness and charity. 

 In conclusion, Jeunet film is an experience that ambitious, rich, and satisfying, packed end-to-end with impressive creativity. this film is a full smart image, powered by hope and humanity. The lesson from this film for me is that every moment is one that I need to share, no matter how I spend. There are computer originality and style as beautiful Amelie worked hard to make a positive difference in the lives of those around her. This is a wonderful film - a tonic for the challenged romantic and breath of fresh air for all but the most cynical cinematic long gone.

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