Sunday, 14 April 2013

film review-Amelie (siti hamizah)

Amelie Poulain is a girl who grew up isolated from other children. Raphael is a quiet father and a former pitcher incest French military doctor. He never made ​​contact with her ​​daughter. That make Amelie feel very nervous every time touched only when health inspection. Amelie heart rate increased and this has been diagnosed as a heart problem. Amelie are not sent to school and only learn at home and taught by her mother named Amandine, a school teacher who has a depression problem. Amandine death is very tragic and cannot be expected when died due crushed by someone who wants to commit suicide. At that time, Amelie is still small. After the departure of her mother, Amelie’s father become worst and increasingly isolates themselves. Amandine ashes placed in the garden of their home as a memorial. Since then, Amelie begins to have the imaginative loner attitude.

Amelie is a derivative film venture of France and Germany. Amelie has won numerous film awards including Best Film at the European Film Awards in 2002 in Germany and the French César Award in the same year. It also has received five Academy Award nominations in 2002 in the United States in the category Best Art Structuring Set, Best Cinematography, Best Foreign Language Film, Best Sound & Screenplay and Best Original Story. The film however is not rotated in Malaysia. It goes into theatres neighbouring Asian countries such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the Philippines. (Source-Wikipedia)

I think that this film is worthwhile and fun to watch. This is because the film directed by Jean-Pierre and Guillaume Laurant collaborating together showed their creativity arranging the plots organize appropriate story to make it interesting. Based on my observations, this film's less of conversation but more to the physical acting. Amelie is seen as the main character a unique and loves to see the world through her own perspective of the impact of the isolated way of life and less mixed with the surrounding community.
In this story, the lesson that I get is from Amelie’s character (Audrey Tautou )  who likes to help people that are oppressed and weak in his own right. Amelie also wise to lay a plan to ensure that plan is going smoothly. The aim is to make people around him feel happy and at the same time serve as a lesson to those who like to persecute the poor community. Amelie did not like projecting himself in any situation and would prefer to be a mysterious and unknown by anyone done despite what the good of others.
In conclusion, although the movie Amelie is a little complicated to understand, but as a viewer, this movie made ​​me think is there a person who cares and loves helping others without hanker story that he had help without expecting anything in return.

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