Monday, 8 April 2013

Psychologically insightful

Watching Amelie was for me like standing by a kindred spirit. This movie is stylish beyond belief. But what strikes me most is the way it manages to capture the reality of human emotions, how dreams are simulated by the magical movements of inanimate objects and talking photographs. It is a charismatic portrayal of inner existence and the most natural desire to pursue happiness, both in our life and that of others.

Every single character,including Amelie herself, has some kind of peculiarity in their characteristics (which often resemble the eccentricity of poor social condition characters) but the one thing binds them together is their agony of being lonely,unnoticed and search for companionship and appreciation. Amelie is like the angel who repairs the missing links in their lives and finds a root of her own.The "All's Well that Ends Well" motto of fairy-tales has been adopted very skilfully in this movie.

With all the minor story lines running parallel to the main story, from the photo booth, to the cafe employees, to the neurotic cafe patron, the apartment tenants, and the vacant father, they all blend together with their separate lives to into a wonderful mix surrounding Amelie that keep me interested all the way through- I especially like the little snippets that Amelie make and the "little" things she does throughout the movie to help others or to make her extra special. When I'm feeling down on life, this is a great movie to help me appreciate all the little things and to see the bigger picture that life is way too short and we should appreciate what we have and go after what we want.

Jean-Pierre made this film colorful like only few other people did or could do. Paris looks absolute dreamy and it makes me wish I were born in Paris, in Montmartre, with french as my mother tongue. It makes me wanna do something beautiful with my life, to myself and to others, of course. It makes me brave, although I think of myself to be the worst coward ever to live on this planet. I really recommend this movie to everyone because I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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