Tuesday, 16 April 2013



Directed by
Produced by
Jean-Marc Deschamps
Claudie Ossard
Written by
Jean-Pierre Jeunet (scenario)
Guillaume Laurant (dialogue)

I personally feel that Amalie was a very enjoyable film. The story is about a girl that is trying to change the live of people around her to be better but she did not know that she was struggling with her own isolation.

The film maker try to introduce by giving the audience on what type of film that they are watching so that they can predict what’s going to happen next so that the audience will feel comfortable at the beginning but as the film moved on, the audience will feel that is it very hard to predict what’s going to happen next. For example when Amalie ripped out the photos but it end up being samples of the repairman.  The film is a combination of fantasy and real life, for example the conversation is normal for our daily life but there is also some fantasy involve such as cat can listen to children stories, glasses magically dance in the wind.

The film does not have a good background sound. Most of the time it’s silent, it only have action sounds such as glass clinking, door opening which makes this sound not real. The audience plays a role as an observer. The camera stands at a distance, allowing the audience to view everything from a far distance.

Overall, I think that this film is a very good film which makes the audience to think and it grab the audience’s attention to watch move wanting to know what’s going to happen next. It’s a very funny film with full of surprises. It should be introduced to Malaysian because this will give them a whole new perspective.  

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