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Film Amélie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet


TITLE              : AMELIE



Amélie is a story about a girl named Amélie whose childhood was suppressed by her Father's mistaken concerns of a heart defect. With these concerns Amélie gets hardly any real life contact with other people. This leads Amélie to resort to her own fantastical world and dreams of love and beauty. She later on becomes a young woman and moves to the central part of Paris as a waitress. After finding a lost treasure belonging to the former occupant of her apartment, she decides to return it to him. After seeing his reaction and his new found perspective - she decides to devote her life to the people around her. Such as, her father who is obsessed with his garden-gnome, a failed writer, a hypochondriac, a man who stalks his ex girlfriends, the "ghost", a suppressed young soul, the love of her life and a man whose bones are as brittle as glass. But after consuming herself with these escapades - she finds out that she is disregarding her own life and damaging her quest for love. Amélie then discovers she must become more aggressive and take a hold of her life and capture the beauty of love she has always dreamed of.


 A director Jean-Pierre Jeunet  wants us to know that times are hard for dreamers and that one shouldn't pass up a chance for true love. He means it, no doubt, but he doesn't have the simplicity of soul to quite bring off the sentiment. Still, we're charmed by the attempt. Whether we're charmed or bored by the movie depends entirely on our feelings for Amelie, a young woman whose hyper-quirky personality both takes some getting used to and grows old fast.

As a director, he seems incapable of trusting his actors to carry the mood, preferring always to lend them a backup like a jokes, fripperies, kooky camera angles that they don't require. At two hours, the movie is probably 15 minutes too long and the final half-hour in particular could have used some trimming but complaining about having too much of a good thing makes one sound like a grouch.The use of primary colors and quirky humor are intrinsic features of the film, unless one is color-blind or lacking a sense of humor. The film contains a message, but it doesn't beat we up with it, and it would be a cynic indeed who could disagree with the message.

For me its a an artistic movie, art in sounds colors, everything its just magic. A fairy tale that moves the world for searching happines, love and i'm exciting until the very last minutes. worth watching and understanding.In place of a plot, director Jean-Pierre Jeunet substitutes enough weird camera angles and trick shots so that Amelie rapidly becomes a Coen Brothers movie directed by David Fincher after running out of his Ritalin prescription. All of this, however, works to perfection with the wondrous, doe-eyed performance of Tautou. After each scene, she turns to whisper a gentle aside to the camera, reminding us that no matter how weird or depressing the world is, this little imp still manages to keep her joyful, naive nature. 



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