Monday, 15 April 2013

Amelie 2001 (Jean Pierre Jeunet)

 By Muhammad Faiz Hamizi

The Synopsis

Amelie is a daughter of a pair of lovers named Raphael and Amandine, being a doctor and school teacher. Amelie at the age of 6, she was told that she had a serious heart defect disease, but in reality he's just nervous. Amelie due to the uncertain situation, she was taught by her mother who was a teacher. Amelie nature that makes her grow like chestnut calm and comfortable. His life is further complicated when her mother was gone forever in front of her eye caused by accidental murder by one of the tourists wherein tourists suicide on the roof of Notre Dame and began a life full of Amelie challenge in finding the meaning of life and know the meaning of love between one young man who lives near the area. Various efforts have been done by Amelie to attract the youth and in the end Amelie successfully courting the youth without her even knowing she was a less socializing.

Movie Review

By using Amelie as “Audrey Justine Tautou” also as a hero and heroine of this film make this movie more interesting and creative because not all of the filmmaker use female as hero. Using girls’ actors and added comedy and romantic elements until the end of the movie make the movie more interactive. With the successful of this storyline make this movie win many of the Academy Award and Jean Pierre Jeunet as the director also gain the European Film Award for the best director.        

This movie also is not about racial identity, or any of the other preoccupations of "The Names of Love”, shyness, practical jokes and passport photographs. The young heroine of the title is brought up in strenuous circumstances her over loving but kooky parents teach her from home, and she is raised in a world devoid of physical contact. When her mother is killed by a tourist's suicide leap, Amelie is left with only her withdrawn father and her imagination as a friend.
             On the opening of the scene is very interesting because it show the real characteristic of the main actress. There is so much to take in during the film's opening sequences that you cannot help wonder if the director can keep it up. The action soon shifts to the grown-up Amelie, now living away from her father and living and working as a waitress in Montmartre. Still shy and quiet, she works in a cafe that full of romantic and happy scene. 

 It's a rare pleasure to see a film where the parts gel so well that the finished result is so perfect when Amelie and Nino become most of the happiest couple ever in the world. The camerawork shows a Paris that is vivid and full of extraordinary colors, almost a fairyland where Amelie is the lonely princess without love in the beginning but due to her character did not give-up causes the seeker achieved .The comedy is subversive enough to satisfy the most cynical of tastes and performances all round are first rate.           

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