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Director: Jean Pierre Jeunet

Stars: Audrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz, Rufus, Yolande Moreau, Dominique Pinon, Flora  Guiet

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Amelie, a woman who are innocent and naives live in Paris, with her own sense of justice, decides to change the world by changing the lives of the people around her and discovers love in this romantic comedy fantasy from director Jean Pierre Jeunet. She had a decidedly unusual childhood, her parent has believing erroneously that she had a heart defects and prevented her from meeting other children. Amelie did not attend school with other children. Thus, she developed an active imagination and fantasy life to cope with her loneliness. After the death of her mother when Amelie was eight and her father's subsequent withdrawal from society. Amelie leaves home grows up lonely and alone as a waitress in a corner bistro, until one day the death of Princess Diana changes everything!

 She will make people happy but not in a common ways. So, she will amuse herself by devising the most extraordinary strategies for bringing their happiness. She becomes a thoughtful, quiet, observant girl who decides to change the lives of those around her, taking revenge on a cruel grocer, bringing together a couple who are afraid to show their love for each other, and bringing the outside world to a reclusive painter and to her own father. But will she do for herself what she has done for others and find love with the mysterious collector of rejected photo booth pictures? And who is the "ghost" who appears in so many of the torn photos?

This romantic comedy movie was directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet in 2001 and had achieved already become a massive hit in France by capturing the heart and imagination of the audience with its eccentric and extraordinary modern-day fairytale kindliness. At the very beginning of the film we hear the voice of the narrator, rather like someone reading a story from a children’s book. The film maker use the first few minutes to tell the audiences what type of film they are watching by giving a visual and audio clues. Amelie is not a film that is easy to categories. As an audience on what is taking place on screen encourages me to watch further because there are a lot of question in my mind to be answered. For example whether there are heroes in this film?

The film can be described as a modern fairy tales. This is because the quality of the uniqueness in the film regarding the elements of fantasy with reality. As the audience, I never really know what will happen next. The story of Amelie is very difficult to be predicted, for example is the way how Amelie wants to return the Nino’s book without Nino can see her. The directors had highlight about thinking out of the box, the plot of this film made we never sure whether what we see will be part of the real world or fantastical in nature. The film plays with the audience, tricking them into thinking about something has a mystical quality but actually there is a very simple explanation. For instance, the "ghost" who appears in so many of the torn photos is the photo booth repairman.

Most of the characters in the film have a weird quality, which means they could easily be part of fairy tale. These qualities can be seen on the way they look and how they behave. Amelie herself is a main example of this quality. Although she supposed to be twenty-eight in the film but she has a child-like character about the way she looks and behaves. Her dress is chic but she wears shoes and socks like a child. Amelie behaves throughout the film like the traditional good fairy meddling in people’s lives to create happiness.

Amelie is not a film that makes great use of background music. Most of the action is set against a backdrop of silence. We can see the action in Amelie from various viewpoints, but most frequently we are placed in the role of observer. Moreover, there are the timeline was a bit unclear at times. On the other hand, there were a few times when the movie is boring but there scenes attract the audience’s attention. However as a whole this film is good for adult to open the way of our thinking in the extraordinary ways. I will give five stars out of five for this film because of the uniqueness of the film from the other film that I had seen before.

Review by: Siti Zulaiha Binti Marzuki (1 SHAC)

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