Monday, 15 April 2013

Amelie by Najwa Napri

              The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain is a film of a romantic comedy genre directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It shows the description of the modesty Parisian life, located at Montmartre. The story started by showing how the fabulous life of Amelie begun-by describing how Amelie become different with other children in her age. She has been affirmed to have some heart problems by her father, Raphael Poulain who is an ex-army doctor and lead to her lonely life in the house as she doesn't go to school and mingle with other kids when her mother, Amandine Poulain, the teacher at Grugeon decided to teach her at home. 

          Even after the tragic dead of her mother, Amelie stays in the house with her father which have been decided to be away from the society. After 5 years,she left the home and become the waitress at Two Windmills and still live surrounded by odd things. Then, the adventure begins when she watched the news of the death of Princess Diana in bathroom and lead to a treasure box owned by a young kid. By tracing down the owner of it which is Mr.Dominique Bredotau, she was also unintentionally has been involved in a Mrs.Wallace's husband secret story, and brings her to the Mr. Raymond Dufayel, his reclusive neighbour and his drawing masterpiece.
          The success by returning the treasure box to Mr.Dominique has made Amelie eager to help others. She helped the blind man across the road and give explanation on everything along the road, she steal her father's gnome and make it look like it is travelling around the world to encourage her father to see the outside world, she twisted the tension air in Two Windmills by developing a new love story  between middle-age worker and one of the regular customer at the bar (ex-boyfriend of the worker), solved the frustration faced by Mrs.Wallace by saying that her husband has send the love letter for her before the accident, and also helped Lucien, the one that she has admired before, by putting a jokes on Mr.Colligan (employer of Lucien) to make him aware of his snobbish and try to solve the mysterious guy in the album owned by Nino. As she is always look for others, Mr. Dufayel also try to look after her. By referring to his drawing, he try to convince Amelie to approach the man  he loved, Nino Quincampoix.  It is a lovely to see how the love story of Amelie and Nino being pictured and how hard it takes for Amelie to make it true happiness because she is a very shy person. 

           As it is a France movie, it is totally different from the movies that I have been watched. The plots although seem not connected in the beginning, all of it makes sense at the end of the story. Some stories can be predicted the arrangement of the stories, but in Amelie, you cannot find any of your prediction comes true as the director is brilliant enough to play with the cinematography and the plots itself.Thus, this will make audience continue to watch it as they will try to understand and try to figure out what is the real things happening in Amelie. The moral story of is obvious in the ending of the story: "what goes around, comes around'.
When we give, we always get back. The same situation happened when we do a good deeds to others, there is always something precious will come back to us. We can also say that the ending of the story is the common fairy-tale story ending, which is they live happily ever after. But somehow, it is a worth for the audience as after 2 hours-watching, there is something that they can learn and bring it home to be practiced. No wonder this movie won Best Film because of their good performance by actors and actresses, and also to the director for the brilliant story making.Thus, I will give 4.5 out of 5 because another 0.5 is deducted for the nudity scenes. 

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