Friday, 12 April 2013

AMELIE (by Nur Shafiqah)

Amelie is a France film that tells a story about Amelie Poulain and with her own sense of justice; she decides to help people around her. I like this film because,

This film is a hilarious movie contains humor that attract viewer to watch over and over again. This movie also enhances viewer imagination through Amelie adventure. It is joyful and whimsical movie from Jean-Pierre Jeunet. It also tells the story of romance between Amelie and Nino. The story became more attractive when Amelie found her soul mate and the way she confess her love in a unique way. This film shows a lot of lessons that we can take such as helping people with sincerity and not for popularity. This are shown when Amelie helping others without showing her identity. It is an enchanting movie and leaves the viewer with a wonderful sense of happiness, of the mirthful, playful lightness of life.
Its lush colours and rich landscapes create a bubbly atmosphere. Jeunet applies various camera techniques and computer generated images to bring Amelie's fantasies to life, yet they do not distract like other films might, but enhance what is already on screen. It's a combination of the look of the film, the tremendously soundtrack, brilliant writing, and a cast that all get to shine in their own way. 
Amelie is an incredibly uplifting film, and an excellent film to watch. This film is absolutely worth your time. This is a very smart, original film that deserves your attention.

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