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Amelie Review ( Pook Chui Kuan)

A France Movie @@ WHAT? WHY? WHO? HOW?
Directed by the renowned Jean-Pierre Jeunet. AMELIE does not disappoint the high expectations that he has come to draw from the public.

Are you ready to start the journey?

As sincere, I’m really not so understand about the movie that shown when I’m watch it on the first time. I’m tried to focus on it but still feel confuses some of the part. So, what that I’m trying concluded was as shown as below:    

Let’s go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The movie started with a girl named Amelie whose childhood was suppressed by her Father's mistaken concerns of a heart defect. With these concerns, Amelie gets hardly any real life contact with other people. She grows up isolated from other children.
She decided to change the lives of those around her for the better, while struggling with her own isolation.

Grows Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wohoo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Any changes in her life? Let’s See…….

My Film Review

In my opinion, this film sets a lot of mystery plot. Of course, the film itself also gave me a great joy. This was one of the movies that challenge my way of thinking on its details, all the shots and plots. I have enjoyed the fun in guessing and crack.

I’m like the scene of a beautiful jump tart. The director described the Amelie’s childhood in different shots.  For example, Amelie the strawberries one by one in her fingers, and then sucking into the mouth; used her finger painting cute little animals with colour pigments, and then make a variety of vividly gesture. In addition, I’m more obsessed with the scene outside from the window at Amelie’s beautiful homes, the shots quickly switch to blossom, it’s shows the alternation of four seasons in an instant. The picture is really making me intoxicated on it. I also prefer the plot that shows a broad heart of compassion, because the edge of the crowd gave it achieved profound understanding and gentle sympathy.

When the movie start with a lonely girl, neurotic father, mother, eccentric neighbors, for me, it seem like to reveal some follow-up strike. But suddenly, Amelie was change into a "love angel", she helped several live who in loneliness, depression and even pathological state secretly. She does not seem like self-life, helping others is the only pleasure in her life. So secondly, I think that the heroine does not seem worldly air, there is no private life, no Eros, probably it wants to shape Amelie to become the spokesman of the Western spirit of Christ, to probation and salvation. However, the film once again deceives me, the original angel (Amelie) is mortal, and she also cannot get rid of cowardice and fear when she faces the admiration of the heart, even utter confusion. For sure, Amelie is not only mortal, but she also has a mind of ordinary people. That’s why we can see that the main character changes step-by-step with the continuous development of the plot, from a little girl who is lonely, depressed to an optimistic, cheerful, courage to pursue the love.

In this film, I found that the day-to-day experience of the mainstream is greatly weakened, but it makes us to more understand the brush strokes in-depth heart of the edge of the crowd, and try to touch their pain and equal contemplation of their life, and to give them a deep sympathy and sincere help by using Amelie’s hand. Because of this, I feel that the movie is full of warm.
The reason why I think that the film is quite good is not only because of surprising part in everywhere of the story, but also because it combines the suspense and magical criteria.

At last, I’m concluded that this movie had been divided into 4 different themes: 1)Innocence&simplicity  2) Childhood  3) Happiness   4)Outsiders

In the conclusion, does this wonderful girl inspire me? Well she does inspire me! And I hope U ALL will join ME on this journey to discover all of the details from this great movie and wonderful girl. It was very good filming, story line, and acting and also a quirky modern fairy-tale, of sorts. For sure, it is a beautiful, warm and genius movie. It’s really worth to watch it. What you are waiting for???? Go and watch it and You will know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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