Sunday, 14 April 2013

AMELIE POULAIN - Muhammad Ridzuan Bin Abd Razak

This story tells about a woman named Amelie Poulain. Story or the concept of the story is a woman who feels herself very empty or no direction. By the way he wanted to find the truth of life steep. She has a kind-hearted, gentle, likes helping people and much more.

To me, as an audience who interested in the story or action oriented thriller but this story oriented chicky or girly, still able to attract me to watch until the end because of the characters are cute and mysterious makes me wonder or curious what will happen next.

Although this story seems like a story that uses low cost and does not use a sound effect or graphic art or interesting, but the story have its own unique appeal to Amelie's character. Held by Amelie character, very strong or heavy emotionally and physically because she is the hero and heroine in this story.

As a person who loves to watch movies, in my opinion, this story is very nice and has a lot of exemplary moral peek, where Amelie revenge on someone who bullied their employees less healthy or abnormal. Not emulate nature of revenge, but the nature of love to help people who are oppressed or persecuted.

Director makes a decision to end this story with Amelie met the man of her dreams. Men of interest for a long time but Amelie afraid to express his feelings because of fear cannot be accepted by the man himself. To me, the ending of this story is very romantic and rare because at first, I feel they are not thrown together because of the mystery and fear Emilie will be rejected her love.

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