Monday, 15 April 2013


Title of Film: Amelie
Actors: Audrey Tautou (Amelie), Mathieu Kassovitz(Nino), Serge Merlin(Dufayel), Lorella Cravotta (Amindine), Raphael (Rufus) and others
Directed: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Amelie is a name of the main actor in this film who lives in her own creative fantasy imagination. She was brought up by her parent Mr. Rufus as a Doctor and Ms. Amandine as a teacher. She was excused by her father from attending the school because of her unusual heart condition but the reason was her enthusiasm when she was touched by her father who rarely makes contact with her makes the heart beat so fast. Then, she was taught by her own mother at home and she created her own new world of imagination as intelligent child. When she was eight, her mother died in a tragic accident. However, she has grown up well and became a beautiful lady. She has a bright, lovely and friendly heart when she wants to change everyone around her especially at the bar she worked and the neighbors to be happy because she was inspired by Princess Diana who died in the car wreck. The aims to make people around her to be happy was started when, she found the box of the old toys in her apartment and return them back to the owner was Mr. Bretodeau which made him remind back the childhood time and he was very delighted about it. After that, she started to bring together two lonely people Georgette and Joseph. Also, she befriends with one old guy Mr. Dufayel whose has fragile bones and he only stayed in his house doing some drawing. Other than that, she helped Nino solved the mystery of the man from the collection of his pictures which in a meantime she also falling love towards Nino.  

Based on the film reviewed, I think that it was good and creative French film because it’s totally different from the other kinds of movies I watched before. The story has its own messages to the viewers how the imagination can leads to the new world of creativity and beautiful human mind. Besides, this movie has a lot of scenes that makes people keep on eager to watch the next scene. So it is worth to watch these two hours movie. The viewers should give the big credit to the director because he managed to make the movie so real and good in selecting the actors which give the great impact on the movie storyline to make it live. The directors also, well in twisted the conflicts that linked together on how Amelie desires to changed people around her to be contented. The conflicts actually well directed from the earlier up till the end and the flow of the conflict actually arranged smoothly from step by step so that the viewers can capture and understand what Amelie has done. Even, before this I never watched the French movies because of the language and set my mind that it is hard for me to capture or understanding the storyline. However, I learn something from Amelie that our mind actually being created so greatly by our God and it depends on us how to use it for our own understanding and benefits us. When there is a will, the way always open for us. I love this kind of movie except for the nudity and the sex scenes. As we know that, they actually open minded about this but for Muslim it is not acceptable because of the religious things. One more thing is, even without this kind of scenes I think it would be good enough because of the quality of the film itself brighten up by starring Aundrey Tautou who actually great in play the role as a intelligent, romantic, kind heart and many others also not to forget the others actors too. I will give four and half stars out of five for this movie.

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