Monday, 15 April 2013

Amelie - Intriguing & Astonishing Visual Artististic - (Review by Muhammad Syukri bin Shaharuddin)

With films' quirky tone and striking visual style, Amelie is one of a movie that i felt it won critical accolades across viewer/audience with its creative force behind it.

 Audrey Tautou (Amelie), is waitress in a Paris cafe who lives alone and sees as her mission the rescue of those who are disappointed by life: At work, she plays matchmaker; she uncovers beneath her apartment's floorboards a box of knickknacks hidden away by a boy who lived there 40 years ago, and vows to find him and return the box.

The subtext of all event happened is that patholcically shy Amelie need to be helping herself instead of others.She found somethings that act as an object of affections in Nino who works in a sex shop and he’s just madly eccentric as she is.The loss of an album of discarded strips of film from photo portrait booths which Amelie recovers,that leads to a series of peekaboo near-encounters in which the moonstruck almost but never quiet screws up the courage to introduce herself to him.

One of its intriguing aspects of the film aside from its visual technic is the way or method in which Amelie chooses to help others.Rather than going for a straightforward manner,she opted to devises stratagems,that in term of far more complexities.Her father has a hidden desire to travel,in which Amelie kidnaps his garden gnome and has it photograph in front of various geographical landmarks around the world to spark his interest to the surface.

To keep the movie visually dynamic & interesting,Amelie uses odd camera angles & tricks due to infact that its easy for audience to become bored by the repeated use of similar shots.In the end,Amelie is does not achieve a state of happily ever after rapture in this film but brought a new eccentric light hearted drama in the reel’s world.

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