Tuesday, 9 April 2013

film review--Amelie ( by tan yi cheng)

         The movie which I had watched was a French movie about Amélie. "Amelie" is an energetic fantasy about a young French woman who tries to spin life's random disappointments into existential cotton candy. "Amelie" remains a highlight reel of gorgeous production design and out-there photographic effects. "Amelie" opens with one of the most delightful sequences of the year, a lengthy montage full of sometimes sad, sometimes joyous images. As it unfolds, an omniscient narrator describes the obscure likes and dislikes of the people inhabiting Amelie's world. Her mother, for instance, is keen on how fingers look when they wrinkle in the bathtub, and her dad can't get enough of vacuuming and re-organizing his tool box. When she's older, Amelie will work at a cafe where a regular customer's favorite pastime is secretly popping bubble wrap. Amelie's lonely childhood is filled with  wild flights of fancy. Her stand-offish doctor-father determines that she has a dangerous heart murmur and must be home-schooled, but we're told that her heart rate speeds up during the examination because a person she loves finally places a hand on her.
The death of Lady Di is the turning point of Amelie’s life. She discovers a box at her bathroom when the TV announce the death of Lady Di. She decided to return it to him. After seeing his reaction and his new found perspective, she decides to devote her life to the people around her.

          In my opinion, the characteristics of Amelie are how she goes about helping the people around her. Instead of directly approaching them, Amelie prefers to hide both her identity and intentions. She does this by to achieve the end result without anyone being aware of what she has done. For example, when she returns the box of childhood treasures to its owner, she lures him by placing a call to the pay phone where she has placed the box, and then follows him into a bar to gauge his reaction. Another scheme involves kidnapping her father's garden gnome and sending snapshots of it in front of famous landmarks around the world, which eventually convinces him into taking a long-delayed vacation. In devising such Rube Goldbergian schemes, Amelie avoids direct contact and emotional involvement with the people she helps, thereby minimizing the potential for disappointment or the impact of failure.
            In addition, this movie even includes similar shots, but the stylistic ingenuity of Jeunet makes for an original cinematic experience, no matter how many similarities. When I watched the movie, I felt that Amelie is a magician in the way she interacts with people, helping others find love with her unique behavior. For example, Amelie Poulain is a waitress in a small restaurant in Paris, spending most of her time imagining the lives of those around her while ignoring her own interests. The film strays from a typical romantic comedy with its fantastical approach to the tired genre. Besides, the film manages to be cute without being too cute, giving it an infectious charm without a desire to cringe. Men can enjoy the love story without feeling that their masculinity was being assaulted, while simultaneously admiring the overpowering charm and visual magnitude of 23-year-old starlett Audrey Tautou. Jeunet is more than a director, he has scribed most of the movies he has directed. The self-taught filmmaker is keen on presenting the viewer with unique visuals that combine rich colors with hyper-kinetic camera movement."Amelie" is that rare date movie where both men and women can enjoy a romantic film together without having to lie about their opinions. The magic of the film stems from Jeunet's ability to expertly balance the humor and charm of the story.

         The main important point in this movie is on human feelings and life, where regular everyday circumstances come to be the nest for life changing experiences. Director  has the ability for translating everyday events into compelling images. In fact the film’s message is thoroughly trite and familiar which is the world is full of wonder and mystery, keep your senses alert, your eyes open for opportunities and maybe you can overcome the tawdry fate that awaits most of mankind.i also felt funny the part when Amelia revenges Mr. Collignon.I also felt Amelie is loner. Each loner has their own eccentricity to fill out their lonely life. For example, Amelie like to look at the audiences’ face in the cinema, Joseph like to popping bubble wrap etc. In real life, most of the people seem like not lonely, but lonely is always surrounding us and we may have eccentric that other people do not know. This movie had expressed the lonely and the things that people might do when they are lonely which we might not notice in our life.

         Furthermore, this movie is mystery and unique. For those who like to imagine life and like to view other people life or their thinking, this movie is suitable for them. I also found some bad things in this movie. In my opinion , this movie cannot bring the clear message or the clear purpose to the audience. The movie is not so detail. Although I found some bad things in movie but I still enjoy watching ‘Amelie’. She was discover herself as the movie progresses, and as she discovers life and true love. This is a good filming, story line, and acting.
         The most interesting part which i love is the story of Amelie and Nino. Her goodwill toward others eventually takes her on a journey to finding true love.i think their love is like a cat-and-mouse game to the end. It is very romantic and sweet. Nino accidentally drops a photo album in the street. Amélie retrieves it. She discovers his name is Nino Quincampoix, and she plays a cat and mouse game with him around Paris before returning his treasured album. However, she is too shy to approach him and tries to deny her identity. Fortunately, her co-worker helped Amelie and Nino, resulting in a romantic night together and the beginning of a relationship.

       "Amelie" is a rare movie with inventive film making and real emotion.I felt this is a unique movie.i like this film use romantic, love ,humanity and experience to solve problem around her. Amelia,a girl who use her own distinctive way to look the world and help people. She find her love through she helping. Actually, i am interesting the end of the movie and end of the Amelie love.The movie is an art movie .

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