Monday, 15 April 2013

Amelie (Original French title: Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain)

Amelie is a French film about a girl who lives her live in fantasy world and dream of love. The film is set in France 1997, Amelie (Audrey Tautou ) , a shy waitress, she set about series of event that lead her to decide to spend the rest of his life to helping others and not so good people get the punishment one way or another. 

The story begun with Amelie’s tragic as chapter one, and followed by intriguing and charming. A story quick recap of Amelie ‘s life, from the lost of her goldfish as a child and her mother’s death at the hands of a Quebec woman who does a suicide dive off a church roof. The movie painted with strong color of French culture.  This is a collectible movie to watch again. From its fantastic plots, talented cast, portraits of human natures and artistic directing skills; this movie is perfection. There is so much to take in during the film opening sequences in this film. A strident voice over linked the Amelie life, the screen is filled with extraordinary color and it’s often cheerful.

The movie plot divided according death of Princess Diana, 1997 in France, artist who repaints Luncheon of the Boating Party by Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and the culture of France. This is very distinct part of the movie where it has pictured these important events within the movie. Through the different era, audience can observe that people's mindsets and perspectives towards France arts. The subplot to describe Amelie it do movies unfairness. There is more than one story line, from her weird neighbors and their own past and personal problems and Amelie lack of own love life; her father, has not been himself, because his wife killed Quebec jumper; Amelie co-workers in cafe, a guy who collects discarded public remuneration photo; ex-boyfriend Amelie colleagues, who caught his ex-wife and her miniature tape recorder; Amelie's neighbors, who has been the same picture of the Renoir. Every single character in Amelie has very personality. Every hot in Amelie devote themselves in bright pastel colors and delicate, beautiful furniture , actors and background arrangement. Every single frame of Amelie has good composition. The movie captured in manner that makes foreigners to visit France. In this movie Amelie seems to happen in the world all its own.

Main role of this movie are Amelie played by Audrey Tautou, one of the best actor in French. The director Jean-Pierra Jeunet, he populates his film with brilliant colorful array of characters. From the beautiful features, captures of every emotions, messages through eye contact and the passionate of life and art. Amelie showed the soul in the movie.
Instead using the chronological order to tell the story, director open and close the story with a prologue and epilogue. Compared to blockbuster movie that included infinity of angles shooting, this movie has its special way to present. For example, last scene of the movie show the Amelie and Nino beginning of a relationship. Amelie got the forever she wanted. Amelie won best film at the European film awards, won four Cesar awards including Best Film and Best Director, two BAFTA Awards including Best original screenplay, and was nominated for five Academy Awards. Majority might have the perspective where movie that won awards in film festival is boring. But this perspective should change. Watching movie is not only for entertainment purpose. In Amelie, lots of things to be observe. For example, the strong indigenous film tradition, shapes the French character to attract audience attentions. Amelie is a very valuable movie and discover the meaning in simple way in the movie.

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