Monday, 15 April 2013


Amilie is a film about a story of Amelie Poulan.  She was raised separately from the people. Her father is a former of France military doctor. When she was child, she was discouraged from having friends by her neurotic mother and emotionally distant father. When she grown up, she work as a waitress in a cafe at Montmartre owned by the former of circus entertainer and Amelie spends her night alone in her small apartment. Her mother was died since she was young and her father refused to stay together with her. She has no boyfriend, no confidantes, and no real sense of purpose in life. But all of that is about to change. One day, she found a box of old snapshots and toys  in a hidden compartment in her apartment. Because of this,  she sets out to find the owner of the box. After that,  Amelie decides to become a force for good in her small corner of the world, helping others around her. In the process, she meets Nino Quincampoix, the person who become her soul mate.

From my review, Amelie gave us nice storyline that can help us to more understand what is life about. For me, based on this movie I learn new thing. That is sacrifice. In this life we have to sacrifice to get something we want or we dream. But in this movie, Amelie did so many sacrifices without hoping something for her.  From this movie, I learned about a grateful when I watch a scene that introduce Amelie as a character that which full of suffer since she was young. Her mother was died since she was young.  The subtext of this film is so unique because it give a message that shows Amelie as a person that like to help people, but she did not help herself.

By shooting all around Paris, the director uses as more of a character than a mere backdrop, although the director's surreal and timeless vision should not be confused with the place seen by tourists or even ordinary citizens.

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