Saturday 13 April 2013


This was my first time to watch the French movie – Amelie. As I know, Amelie, which was nominated for 5 Oscars, is a French film with English subtitles and a romantic comedy. Amelie begins with the connection of a series of unconnected, everyday images. For me, this movie was too artistic, that was very hard to understand the action of actress.

Firstly, Amelie in my mind is a girl who has an incomplete childhood and needs love. Amelie wants nothing more than to be hugged by her father. Her father is a doctor incapable to give her physical warmth. The only time he touches his child is in the course of a routine examination he makes once a month. During these times, Amelie would get so excited, her heart would beat extra fast, and her father would mistake her for having a heart defect! So that Amelie to be kept at home and schooled by her mother. In my opinion, her childhood is affected by these two situations. Therefore, maybe these reasons bring up her does not make sense thinking?

Secondly, Amelie is a girl who is likes to imagination. After she grow-up, she is living away from her father and working as a waitress. She is still shy and quiet; she works in a cafe that is full of romantic and retreats to her lonely apartment where again her imagination, as well as the television, are her only soul mates. Actually, I cannot understand many parts in this movie. For example, the shoot when Amelie sneaks into the man’s apartment and switches doorknobs and slipper sizes, maybe the man starts to think he’s going crazy, the familiar items of his home suddenly ever so slightly different from what he remembers?  

Thirdly, Amelie is a kind-hearted person. In the visit with her father, Amelie realizes her father is still living in the past with the memory of her mother. She tries to persuade him to travel. Later she decides to steal her father's garden gnome and sends the gnome all around the world through the help of a flight attendant who takes pictures of the gnome at the various locations and mails them to Amelie's father. Besides that, she found a little old box covered in dust in cubby hole. In the box, she discovers a young man may have hid the box and decides to make it her mission to find the owner and possibly change his life forever.

In this movie, the part I most love is love story of Amelie and Nino. Her goodwill toward others eventually takes her on a journey to finding true love, but not without a cat-and-mouse game to the end. It is very romantic and sweet. Nino accidentally drops a photo album in the street. Amélie retrieves it. She discovers his name is Nino Quincampoix, and she plays a cat and mouse game with him around Paris before returning his treasured album. However, she is too shy to approach him and tries to deny her identity. Fortunately, her co-worker helped Amelie and Nino, resulting in a romantic night together and the beginning of a relationship. Wohoo~~~!!!!

Thanks sir to recommend this romantic movie to us. Although this movie I am not really understand. By the way, overall I quite like this movie and want to watch a second time but with the mandarin subtitles maybe will be easier to understand.  

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